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Meet Robert and William. They will show you how the money you raise this Red Nose Day can make a difference.

Meet Robert and William

Meet Robert and William

Pick a story to see how the money you raise can make a difference



8 years old
Kenya, Africa
Football and hide and seek
I want to be a:

Hi, I'm Robert.

I’m eight and I live in a slum town in Kenya. A slum town is a place where lots of people live in small unsafe houses. I don’t even have a toilet or clean running water at home.

Sadly, there are lots of children like me who live in slum towns.

Watch my video to hear more about me and my life.

This is my home. It’s made out of wood and tin which means it floods easily and isn’t very safe.




Hi, I'm William

I’m 11 years old. My mum has osteoarthritis in her spine and it has a massive effect on the rest of her body. In the morning I have to make breakfast, get my little brother and sister ready, get their clothes ready and make the beds.

Watch my video to hear more about me and my life.

 Life is very hard now because my mum can’t do a lot for me, but I have to do a lot for her.


If you raise £5...

...that could help a family who live in terrible poverty in an African slum by providing them with building materials that will help make their homes safer to live in.


If you raise £10...

...that could enable two young carers to take part in a special activity day, giving them a much-needed break from their huge responsibilities at home.

Get fundraising ideas

Get fundraising ideas

You can help children like Robert and William by raising money for Red Nose Day.