Super Dinose Creator

Add a cape, a mask and some power pants to your Dinosesaur and create the mightiest superhero to have ever roamed the planet.

You need Flash to create your Dinosesaur.

But don't worry,
you can still play Dino Jump!

Play Dino Jump

How to use Super Dinose Creator

  • Decide which Dinosesaur will become a super hero.
  • Give your Dinosesaur some super powers and some super clothes.
  • Save or print your super Dinose so they don’t become extinct.

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Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

Well done for creating such a mighty Dinosesaur. Now have a play on the ideas machine to see how you can raise money for Red Nose Day.

How to change lives

If you raise money for Red Nose Day you can help change the lives of other children just like Robert and William.