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If you’d like to do something awesome, say, sometime next March, you’ve come to the right place. Pre-order a free Fundraising Kit for all you need.

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Bake a massive difference

Make the world a better place using flapjacks and Battenberg.

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From karaoke to dance-a-thons, grab some friends and let loose.

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Dress up or dress down

Wellies for a week? An office full of Madonnas? It’s your call.

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Challenge yourself silly

Set goal. Get sponsors. Be amazing. Silence doubters. Have biscuit.

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Link to schools section

If you're fundraising in a school or nursery, we've got tailored resources to help you out.

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A Red Nose Day Giving Page

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Finesse your fundraising with your own Giving Page

With a Red Nose Day Giving Page you can raise money easily and securely online, plus every penny you raise goes direct to Comic Relief. If you’re over 16, they’re ready to set up now, with under 16’s and Team pages available soon!

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