Essentially, get sponsored to do a challenge or dare. It can range from mildly inconvenient to downright daft. It’s up to you, you big hero.


Fundraising ideas

A few ideas, from ‘mild’ to ‘wild’

Someone taking part in a sponsored silence for Red Nose Day


Give it up

Get sponsored to give something up. Nothing too hard (like breathing), but maybe treats at work, social media for day or a day’s sponsored silence.

A fundraiser having her head shaved for Red Nose Day


Dye/shave your hair

Getting sponsored to dye or shave your hair is a great way to raise money. Or, if you’re feeling brave, you could have your legs and chest waxed!

People doing a sponsored swim


You did what?!?

Sponsored supremacy! Climbing a mountain, 24-hour sport-athons, shaving your head, shaving a complete stranger… whatever you do, you’ll be a legend. Or arrested.

Pay in the money you've raised

You’ve raised the cash, now all that is left to do is pay it in. The sooner you do, the sooner we can put it to work changing lives.

Pay in

Get tips and tools to help you fundraise

Fantastic fundraisers

Tessa and her chopped hair ponytail for Red Nose Day



11-year-old Tessa got sponsored to lop off her precious ponytail for Red Nose Day 2015 and raised an amazing £200 in the process.



This could train two health workers in Uganda to quickly and accurately diagnose life-threatening malaria in children.

a Ugandan nurse, who could be helped by Red Nose Day