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From epic events that get everyone involved to quick and simple cash-raisers that are a doddle to do, get all the fundraising ideas you need, and the tools to get started right here.


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    Get the canteen to serve special Red Nose meals for a donation
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    Give up restaurants or takeaways for a month and donate what you save
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    Bake a lighter-than-it-looks cake using Maltesers and charge people to guess the weight
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    Gather your favourite recipes and sell a cookbook to friends and family
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    Decorate cakes and personalise cupcakes for a donation from customers
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    Offer cake-baking lessons to your friends and family for a fee
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    Blind food tasting – pay to take part, if you guess right you win a prize
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    Host a tea and cake party and charge for both
  • 9
    Get sponsored to only eat red food for the day
  • 10
    Food Heaven and Hell – pay to eat heaven, or get paid to eat hell
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    Set up a tuck shop at work and donate the profits to Red Nose Day
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    Treat yourself to a slap-up meal at your local Menu Relief restaurant
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    Your free kit is packed with ideas, tips, tools, posters and more

    Fundraising Kit

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    Fundraise the easy way – and raise cash securely online.

    Giving Pages

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    Use one to get sponsored in person.

    Sponsorship form

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    Stick it up, everyone pays to have a guess, and the winner keeps half the cash.

    Sweepstake posters

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    Tell everyone about your Red Nose Day event with your own customisable posters.

    Customisable posters

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    All you need to host a Red Nose Day quiz night with your friends or colleagues.


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    Download and stick on the wall to help plan your Red Nose Day shenanigans


    Planning guide

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    Recruit your own crack team of fundraisers at work to lighten your load.

    Workplace poster

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    Download this for some quick-and-simple fundraising ideas.

    Top fundraising ideas

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    Read the guidelines, then use our official logo on your fundraising materials.

    Logo and logo guidelines

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    Make a cardboard money box to collect all of your fundraising cash in.

    Money box template

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    Inspire everyone to donate by showing them the amazing things their money can do.

    What your cash can do

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    Mary Berry's kit packed full of ideas, tools and tips for your own bake sale.

    Bake Off kit

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    Make sure everyone knows what you're up to: send out a press release.

    Press release template

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    Many a supporter has been lured into donating for a sticker... use them wisely.