Red Nose Day Actually


Celebrate the return of Richard Curtis’s classic with your own Red Nose Day Actually-themed fundraising event.

Pick an idea

Mark holding his iconic placards in Love Actually

Shhh actually

Do your own sponsored silence – a quiet fundraising classic and a handy excuse to do your own version of Mark’s iconic cards.

Joanna singing in the talent show in Love Actually

Talent actually

Host a talent or variety show – we’re talking singing, dancing, comedy, playing drums in front of the whole school to impress a girl you love before she moves to America forever. You know, the usual.

The Prime Minister dancing in Love Actually

Dance actually

Sponsor a friend or your boss to recreate Hugh Grant’s iconic dance. Don’t forget to charge your phone - you’ll want to film this.

Red Nose Day Actually Fundraising ideas

Sam and Daniel lying on the sofa in Love Actually

Love Actually actually

The ultimate movie marathon. Get sponsored to watch Love Actually 10 times, or non-stop for 12 hours, or until you're speaking exclusively in Colin Frissell quotes.

The lobsters of the nativity play in Love Actually

Lobster actually

Dress up as your favourite Love Actually character and get your friends and family to sponsor you - extra points for any lobster or paper mache octopus costumes, obvs.

The Prime Minister and Natalie on stage in Love Actually

Party actually

Throw a viewing party for the big reveal of Red Nose Day Actually on Friday 24th March. Get your friends and family to buy tickets and sell popcorn to rake in some last minute fundraising.

Set up a Red Nose Day Giving Page

Set up your Red Nose Day Giving Page

Once you've decided on an idea, set up a Red Nose Day Giving Page. It’s easy to do, super secure, and the fastest way to tell your friends and family how you’re fundraising.

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