at work

Fundraising is a great way to bring people from all parts of the organisation together. Plus it’s fun, a break from the norm, and helps other people… which always feels good.

Get things started at work

Get things started at work


Recruit a dream team

Having people on board to help you always makes it more fun, so round up your best squad from around the business to create the ultimate fundraising team dream.


Get the boss on board

Everyone likes to impress those at the top, so your boss’s backing is a great way to get more people involved. You could even ask them to set a fundraising challenge, to really get everyone vying for their attention!


Spread the word

You want to make sure people are as excited about Red Nose Day as you are, so make any messages about your event as fun as possible so they really stand out.

How do you want to fundraise?

How do you want to fundraise?

Bake a massive difference

Make the world a better place using flapjacks and Battenberg.

Get ideas

Get the party started

From karaoke to dance-a-thons, clock-off and let loose.

Get ideas

Dress up or down

Wellies for a week? An office full of Madonnas? It’s your call.

Get ideas

Challenge yourself silly

Set goal. Get sponsors. Impress workmates. Silence doubters. Have biscuit.

Get ideas

Get the tools you need

See how your money changes lives

Aigburth Dental Practice nurses dressed up for Red Nose Day



Stefanie McGrath and her fellow nurses at Aigburth Dental Practice in Liverpool held a Red Nose Day bake sale in 2015, raising a tasty £524.



That’s enough to pay for a year’s training apprenticeship for five young people living or working on the streets of Kenya.

A young Kenyan woman helped by Red Nose Day