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You can pretty much fundraise however you want for Red Nose Day, but there are a few tried and tested ways that are good fun and raise lots of money.

Pick a fundraising idea to suit you

Pick a fundraising idea to suit you

F Pick a fundraising idea to suit you

Bake a massive difference

Make the world a better place using flapjacks and Battenberg.

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Get the party started

Grab some friends, pay a donation, and enjoy a fun night of Red Nose Day entertainment.

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Dress up or dress down

Add a red motif to your day, like red shoes, lipstick, or even a Red Nose.

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Challenge yourself silly

Set goal. Get sponsors. Be amazing. Silence doubters. Have biscuit.

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Check out our last-minute fundraising ideas

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Fundraise your way to the top!

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If you're fundraising in a school, nursery or youth group, we've got tailored resources to help you out.

See how your money changes lives

Thomas Auld & Sons with their baked goods



The office staff of Thomas Auld & Sons in Greenock held a baking competition for Red Nose Day and raised a fantastic £158.



In Africa, that's enough to buy 63 mosquito nets that protect children from contracting deadly malaria while they sleep.

A mother and her child in Africa under a mosquito net
Matt Allsop dressed up for Red Nose Day with Deeley boppers and a Red Nose

Look the part in time for Red Nose Day

Head into Sainsbury's and Oxfam for Noses and other goodies and to TK Maxx for t-shirts designed by Rankin. To see the entire range, view our online shop!

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