Red Nose Day Sniffer as a guard dog on duty

Safety online

The kids section of the website has been specially designed to provide a safe environment for kids to play games, learn about Red Nose Day and find out how they can get involved.

Kids are asked to enter their first name at the beginning of the comic so we can talk to them throughout but this information is not used in any other place or stored anywhere other than your own device.

Kids raising cash

Kids raising cash

We provide your kids with lots of fundraising ideas but we let them know that they need a grown-up to help them fundraise.

Setting up a giving page for red nose day

Giving pages

These special giving pages are tailor-made for under 16s. They can't be found through any search on and we only ask for the parent/carer's email address. Your child will be able to ask for sponsorship by sending the link to their Giving Page to people they know.

Get a Giving Page

Red Nose Day Kids sponsorship form

Sponsorship form

To get your kids started with their fundraising, you can download a kids sponsorship form for them.