The life of street kids: Emeli Sande visits Uganda for Comic Relief

Emeli Sande meets ten-year-old Sowedi who lives on the streets of Mbale, Uganda. He left home because there wasn’t enough food and so he spends his days collecting plastic bottles for money to eat. At night, he sleeps on cardboard boxes where he is at risk of being attacked.

£10 could pay for children like Sowedi to go to school for a whole term.

About the Project

A Comic Relief-funded organisation called Retrak, and their partner Child Restoration Outreach, is supporting Sowedi and other boys who live on the streets. They run a drop in centre for street-connected children to catch up on their education, while supporting them to reconcile with their family and get back into school.

Sowedi is now back home with home with his mum and will soon be returning to school.

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