HomeSense It makes total sense that we want to give HomeSense a humungous pat on the back for their fantastic fundraising efforts. Especially when you hear that, together with their sister store TK Maxx, they raised a staggering £3,730,385 for Red Nose Day.

How did they do this? Well our expert friends in making homes look beautiful sold the fabulous Emma Bridgewater items, including aprons, bags, mugs and oven gloves. The range sold like hot cakes and became must-haves in kitchens up and down the land.

But that’s not all, the brilliant HomeSense staff got up to various fundraising capers from bucket shaking to cake baking to in-store Harlem shaking.

So, thank you, HomeSense, for all your support. You really are the home of some of our best fundraising superstars.