We’ve been lucky enough to have Oxfam as an official retailer of our Red Noses ever since they first went on sale, more than two decades ago. Through its 700 shops, across the UK, Oxfam has sold millions of Red Noses and other Red Nose Day goodies for us over the years.

And Red Nose Day 2013 was no different as they sold a staggering number of Red Noses, pin badges, deeley boppers and wrist bands.

The great people at Oxfam didn’t stop there though, the shop managers and volunteers also went all-out to take part in some truly great fundraising events.

Oxfam is also one of the many charities to receive grants from Comic Relief, to support a number of their projects across Africa. So, like in all the very best partnerships, we help one another in ways that really count.

We’re delighted to have worked with Oxfam again and we hope to be working with them for many more years to come.