Red Nose Day For Early Years

Red Nose Day is big fun for little people. On these pages you’ll find everything you need to make getting your kids to do something funny for money easier than making a mess in the play area.

You're the bees knees

You're the bees knees

Thanks a gazillion for taking part in Red Nose Day with your little ones.

Whatever you did, the money will help people here in the UK and across Africa. But we can’t start changing lives until you pay in, so find out how and get your personalised certificate.

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Fundraising ideas:

Sell stuff

The best thing about selling stuff to raise money is that everyone gets something out of it. You could ask your kids to put on their chefs’ hats and hold a bake sale for a tasty sum… or put on their business hats and hold a bring-and-buy sale.

Fundraising ideas:

Have a collection

Young kids love playing shop, so get them selling stuff to raise money this Red Nose Day. Cakes, jokes or our new Dinosesaur Red Noses are easy to shift and if you're looking for customers, well what are parents for?

Fundraising ideas:

A sponsored anything

Kids love doing them and they’ll leave parents really proud. So, why not get your kids doing a hop-a-thon, a bounce-a-thon or any other a-thon you can think-of-a-thon. Alternatively, a good old sponsored walk, dressed up, or in red, is a great way to bring in the cash.

Look who's fundraised

Bravo to Broomloan Nursery in Glasgow. Staff joined parents and children to raise £795 with a sponsored walk, skip and run around the new football pitch. What a hat trick!

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How was it for you?

How was it for you?

It’s always over too quick but we hope you had a fantastic Red Nose Day. Tell us how you fundraised and you could feature on our website.

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EYFS learning activities

Our fundraising activities are linked to the EYFS and are a great way to help your kids explore the wider world.

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Where your money goes

£65 could pay for a child living on the streets in Uganda to attend school for a whole year and work towards a brighter future.