Red Nose Day in primary schools

Throw your hands in the air because Red Nose Day is back on Friday 24 March. Order your free primary Fundraising Pack full of ideas, resources, stickers and balloons to help you have fun and change lives.

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Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

Young boy holding microphone wearing a Red Nose Day Red Nose

Hold a talent or comedy show

Hold auditions and sell tickets to the whole school and proud parents. You could open with a sponsored performance of the schools' song.

Boy dressed up as Sniffer Red Nose for Red Nose Day

Dress up as a Nose

Your pupils could get sponsored to come to school as their favourite Red Nose. Which one is yours?

Girl in Red Nose Day t-shirt and deely boppers

Hold a red non-uniform day

Charge everyone a few bob to come head to toe in red. You could offer a prize for the best costume.

Girl mixing up cake ingredients wearing a Red Nose Day Red Nose

Have a bake sale

There’s always cake on Red Nose Day and we’ve got six yummy recipes to make sure it stays that way!

Ready to get going?

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a box of Red Nose Day Red Noses

Sell Noses in your school

The Red Noses are back and if you sold them last time round in your school, you’ll know what a great way to raise money they are. If this is your first time, get ready for the rush! Order boxes using our ‘pay a bit now and the rest later’ deposit scheme.

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Hassan from Sierra Leone, helped by Red Nose Day cash

Learn about Hassan

We have a suite of learning resources about a 12-year-old boy called Hassan from Sierra Leone. He lost his mother to the Ebola virus and also missed out on a year of schooling. You can watch a film about Hassan with your pupils and use our interactive story to help them explore Hassan’s life and the challenges he faces in more detail.

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