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A teacher using the thank you assembly

Thank you assembly

Show your students how their fundraising efforts will make a huge difference to people living incredibly tough lives across the UK and in some of the world's poorest communities.

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Hassan, a boy helped by Comic Relief cash

Meet Hassan

Hassan is a 12-year-old boy who lives in Sierra Leone. During the Ebola crisis, his mother died from the virus and Hassan missed a year of school. Thanks to Red Nose Day cash, he now goes to school and we have a film and learning resources exploring his life, the challenges he faces and his hopes for the future.

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Hassan's interactive story for Red Nose Day

Explore Hassan's Story

An online learning tool for your pupils to do alone or in groups, exploring Hassan’s life in more detail.

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Hassan with a Red Nose


Show the whole school this PowerPoint to encourage them to take part in Red Nose Day and decide what you’re doing.


Red Nose Day Primary Learning Activity Sheets

Activity sheets

Use these resources designed for a wide range of abilities, to help your pupils learn about Hassan.


Interactive story guide

Interactive story guide

These guidance notes support Hassan's interactive story and are packed with easy-to use learning ideas.


A primary school Red Nose Day learning poster

Learning poster

Use with your pupils to discuss what missing school means for children like Hassan.


Red Nose Day primary Infographic poster

Infographic poster

Facts and figures about how Ebola has affected young people in Sierra Leone.


Red Nose Day key stage 1 topic map

Topic maps

Use these flexible activity ideas to bring Hassan’s story and the help he is getting to life across the curriculum.

KS1 Download

KS2 Download

Red Nose Day Primary What Can you see activity

What can you see

Support pupils’ learning about Hassan’s story with this image led activity.


Red Nose Day Primary Locating SIerra Leone Activity

Locating Sierra Leone

Use this map activity to differentiate learning for a range of abilities.


Red Nose Day Primary Hassan and the Ebola Crisis Storyboard activity

Hassan Storyboard

Support pupils’ understanding of Hassan’s story and the Ebola crisis with this storyboard activity.