Secondary schools

Red Nose Day in secondary schools

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 24th March 2017. So pre-order your free secondary Fundraising Pack full of ideas, resources and posters to help your school have fun and change lives.

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Some students dressed up for Red Nose Day

Students in charge

Red Nose Day isn't just for younger kids. It’s all about having a laugh and that’s something teenagers love to do! It’s the perfect charity choice if you want your older students to take control of the day and put on fun events to raise money and help others.

A box of red noses

Pre-order Noses to sell in your school

Get your older students fundraising and gaining a few business skills by selling Red Noses to your younger years. Order boxes using our ‘pay a bit now and the rest later’ deposit scheme.

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Secondary resources

  • School council guide

    School council guide

    Convince the most powerful people your school to choose Red Nose Day as one of your charities.

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  • Nose order form

    Nose order form

    Use our ‘pay a bit now and the rest later’ deposit scheme to buy Noses to sell in your school.

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  • Red Nose Day facts and stats

    Red Nose Day facts and stats

    Did you nose we’ve had 29 Red Noses? Get more interesting facts and stats here.

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  • Teachers' guide

    Teachers' guide

    Convince the big wigs in your school to choose Red Nose and maybe even wear a wig!

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  • Staffroom countdown poster

    Staffroom countdown poster

    Ok so there’s six months to go but this poster is full of interesting facts to share with your pupils every morning till then.

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