Get your whole school fundraising for Red Nose Day in 3 easy steps

1. Get a free Fundraising Resource Pack

Our free fundraising pack is full of fundraising ideas, posters, balloons, stickers and information on how your money helps. And best of all, this year the UK government will double the money raised in schools, to help get 300,000 children across Africa into school and learning.

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2. Plan your fundraising

You can fundraise by selling cakes at break time, getting sponsored to make your face funny for money or paying to gunge a teacher.

And if you tell us what you have planned, your school could win a visit from Jamie Laing

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3. Teach about Global Issues

Use our downloadable film, assembly and tutor time activities explore the challenges faced by young people living in poverty with your students. And find out how your money can make a difference.

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Don’t forget, schools can order Red Noses using our special deposit offer .