Red Nose Day in secondary schools

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 24 March. So order your free secondary Fundraising Pack full of ideas, resources and posters to help your school have fun and change lives.

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schoolchildren dressed up for Red Nose Day

Students in charge

Red Nose Day is all about students having fun to raise money. Which is why we’d love your students to take control. It’s your day and you know best what will motivate your schoolmates. We asked a few of you what you’d want and have created a few resources to help you.

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Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

Young boy wearing Red Nose Day Deely boppers and holding microphone

Put on a talent or comedy show

Get students or ‘superstar’ teachers to show off their hidden talents. Sell tickets to the whole school and ask local shops for prizes.

A teenage girl wearing a Red Nose Day red nose

Hold a red non-uniform day

Charge students a few bob and offer hair and make-up for a fee at break time. You could set themes, have a fashion show and a prize for best outfit.

2 girls with cakes and a collection tin for Red Nose Day

Have a bake sale

Make our easy and very yummy recipes to sell at break, lunchtime or after school. Use our bunting and cake labels to make it look pretty.

A teacher with a dyed red beard for Red Nose Day

Challenge the teachers

Sponsor teachers to dye their hair, dress up as Noses or teach on a space hopper.

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A girl holding a box of  Red Nose Day 2017 Red Noses

Order Noses to sell in your school

Get your older students fundraising and gaining a few business skills by selling Red Noses to your younger years. Order boxes using our ‘pay a bit now and the rest later’ deposit scheme.

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Ikmatu from Freetown in Sierra Leone, who has been helped with  Red Nose Day funding

Learn about Ikmatu

Ikmatu is a passionate young woman from Sierra Leone who decided to act when the Ebola crisis hit her country. She went out onto the streets to educate people in her local community on how to avoid the disease. We’ve got a film, a skype chat and suite of learning resources to use with your students.

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