Red nose day for youth groups

We nose you rocked it

We nose you rocked it

Thanks so much for taking part in Red Nose Day with your youth group.

Whatever you all got up to, the money will help people here in the UK and across Africa. But we can’t start changing lives until you pay in, so find out how and get your personalised certificate.

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A child dressed as a chef

Fundraising ideas:

Super sellers

The best thing about selling stuff to raise money is that everyone gets something out of it. You could ask your kids to put on their chefs’ hats and hold a bake sale for a tasty sum… or put on their business hats and hold a bring-and-buy sale.

Fundraising ideas:

Fun for a fee

You could put on a talent show and charge kids and parents to enter or sit and heckle. Or, you could have a fancy dress party, a disco or a quiz night. You could even open the doors to the local community to really up the takings.

Fundraising ideas:

Sponsored superstars

Get your kids to put their superhuman energy levels to good use by doing a sponsored a-thon: it could be a hop-a-thon, a dance-a-thon or just a plain old marathon.

And, for the slightly less active in the group, they could get sponsored to give something up, like their favourite food or hobby.

Welcome to my world

Meet Dennis, 13, and Robert, 8, and discover more about their lives, growing up in a slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Download Robert's film  Download Dennis' film 

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Look who's fundraised

The 29th Rugby Cub Scouts combined collecting money with collecting their global challenge badge by doing a sponsored walk to find clean water and raised £130 on the way.

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