The difference you make

There are some incredible projects, in the UK and Africa, that have found effective ways to tackle poverty and injustice. Your money means we can choose the best and then fund them.

Since last Red Nose Day, your cash has helped...

a needle

...over 860,000 children in Africa to be given life-saving vaccines.

a heart in a head

...over 43,000 people with a mental health condition in the UK to get the support they need.

safe children

...over 310,000 children, young people and their families, at risk of abuse, violence and exploitation internationally, to lead safer lives.


How you helped Raymond

If all you do is work all day, just to survive, there’s no time to get an education. This simple, sad fact traps millions of children in poverty. Raymond used to be one of them.

Today though, thanks to you, Raymond is getting an education. So are many others like him. Your generosity has given him, and them, a future.

"Education is important. I will get a better job and can feed myself and my family."
Raymond, 14, Ghana

a mother and her son

How we help in the UK

We fund over 2,000 amazing projects, throughout the UK. Discover the difference we’re making on your doorstep at

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Help out by having fun

Help out by having fun

If you’d like to help us help more people, it’s easy. Simply choose a way to fundraise and join in with Red Nose Day at work, home or school.

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