Domestic violence

The police receive, on average, over 100 calls relating to domestic violence every hour. Up to 60% of women who experience domestic violence are pregnant at the time.

Back in 2003, we helped to set up the National Domestic Violence Helpline. We continue to fund it to this day. Domestic violence is an issue we’re committed to tackling.

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  • Nikki looks out of a window holding a cup of tea


    He hit me once before we married but was good at explaining it was my fault.

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  • Jenni wiping her eyes with her hand


    “It was that fear of being alone with the kids. I kept trying to excuse what he did.”

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  • Each week,


    as a result of domestic violence.

  • a man holds a woman by the throat

    Watch Rapman’s music video, highlighting domestic abuse


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    Grime artist Rapman has recorded an exclusive track, ‘Promise’ for Red Nose Day 2017, telling the story of a young pregnant woman who becomes trapped in a controlling relationship and is the victim of domestic violence. For the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Helpline, call free on 0808 2000 247 or, for information, go to

  • Since Comic Relief began, we have helped support over


    people experiencing domestic violence.


    After the attack I was in hospital and a lady turned up called Jacky. She was brilliant.

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  • Jacky, an Independent Domestic Violence Adviser who works for Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse sitting at her desk


    My clients know they can contact me at any time for assistance, advice and support.

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Need support?

Call the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247. It's free, available all day, every day, and run in partnership with Women's Aid and Refuge. Or visit their website for more support.

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How you can help

In the UK, just £20 could pay for a night’s emergency accommodation and support for a family who've fled domestic violence.

If you’d like to help us carry on tackling issues such as domestic violence, make a donation to make a difference.