The most effective way to deal with a problem is to stop it from ever happening. This is what vaccines do. They’re one of the most effective healthcare interventions ever created.

Yet, one in five children, worldwide, are not vaccinated against common childhood diseases. Your support helps us to ensure hundreds of thousands of children are protected.


  • Elizabeth, a woman helped by Comic Relief cash


    There used to be some terrible diseases, but now you can immunise against them.

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  • Since Red Nose Day 2015, we’ve helped


    children, in Africa, to have life-saving vaccines.

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    The vaccinations protect us from diseases like measles and yellow fever.

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Baby being vaccinated

Comic Relief and GAVI Alliance

Through our funding of the GAVI Alliance, we support the delivery of a combination of vaccines. These include vaccines against five common childhood diseases, as well as other diseases such as rotavirus and pneumococcal, which are leading causes of deaths in children under five.

A baby getting a vaccination

How you can help

£20 could fully vaccinate five children in Africa against five deadly childhood diseases.

If you’d like to help us carry on supporting issues such as immunisation, make a donation to make a difference.