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Having fun and changing lives

Having fun and changing lives

It’s been 25 years since Red Nose Day first burst onto our screens and, this year, Red Nose Day 2013 saw the whole nation pulling out all the stops again, and fundraising in homes, schools and workplaces across the UK.

Thanks to the public’s enormous generosity, Red Nose Day 2013 has raised £100,331,808, which we’ll now put to work transforming lives across the UK and Africa.

The people you've helped

The people you've helped

Click a photo to read a bit about real people you've helped.

    Margret's story

    Meet Margret

    We were forced to move to Nairobi so I could look for work and get food. Our home was a tent made out of black bin bags which were held up by sticks. Nine of us, living like that for seven years, by a railway line. It was hard.

    At that time, I never dreamt it would be possible to own my own house. Now I have electricity, a toilet and clean drinking water. I have my own house. Somewhere I can take pride in. Thanks to the help I have had, I’ve been able to build a better life for myself and my family.

    Red Nose Day cash is improving housing and quality of life for families living in urban slums.

    Keith's story

    Meet Keith

    Kelly was driving Kyle and Jordan to football practice when it happened. It was a head-on collision. When I got to the hospital, Jordan was in one ward and Kyle was about to be taken to another hospital. I didn’t even get the chance to identify my wife. It was awful.

    I waited for Kyle to wake up and recover before I told him. Everything was in turmoil. I had to quit work. I was crying all the time in private to begin with. The support Jordan and Kyle are getting is really helping them come to terms with it all, and that’s helped me to cope as well.

    Comic Relief cash supports children who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

    Rosetta's story

    Meet Rosetta

    I lost two children to malaria. One after the other. My little boy Sam was the first. He was just 15 months old. Then, Lillian was taken too. She was only a year old.

    So many women in my area have lost children to malaria. They helped console me but, after I lost Lillian, I was scared that, eventually, all my children would be taken.

    When I got the mosquito nets, I was so happy. Since we’ve used them, I don’t have to live in fear anymore.

    Mosquito nets, bought with Red Nose Day cash, have helped to reduce child deaths in Rosetta's area by 26%.

    How we spend your money

    How we spend your money

    In the UK, you help give shelter to young people living on the streets and protection to those living with domestic abuse. In Africa, your money saves thousands from malaria and provides whole communities with fresh water and life-saving vaccines.UKAfrica

    UK Africa
    Young people & mental health
    Women & girls
    Young people & alcohol
    People living in urban slums
    Domestic & sexual abuse
    Climate change
    Older people
    People affected by HIV & AIDS
    Young carers

    Transforming local lives

    Transforming local lives

    There are hundreds of projects, across the UK, using Comic Relief cash to transform people’s lives. See how we help near you at

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