Welcome to the #twittermillion

15th March 2013

We, the team leaders below, are asking/begging our followers to join one of our teams and raise just £50 for Red Nose Day doing whatever fundraising activity you fancy... A cake sale, a swear box, wearing pyjamas all day, selling kisses... anything. 

And each team leader will find their own special unique way to reward their team.  That's the fun bit.   

Please choose one of us, click on our team leader page and choose a way to raise your £50.  

Here are our links:

Fearne Cotton, Emma FreudLily Cooper, Davina McCall, Simon PeggSarah Millican, Claudia Winkleman, Rufus HoundClare Balding, Myleene Klass, Melanie C, Olly MursSue Perkins, Kirstie Allsopp, Gabby Logan, Danny BakerCarol Vorderman, Dawn O'Porter, Mitch BennLauren Laverne, Edith BowmanRichard Bacon, Sian Beckwith-BrownEmma Kennedy, Krishnan Guru-MurthyRichard HerringTracey Thorn, Christian O'Connell, Peter Serafinowicz and Alison Moyet.

And here is who’s in pole position with the most team members recruited so far:

1st. Olly Murs  

2nd. Simon Pegg  

3rd. Sarah Millican  

4th. Lauren Laverne  

5th. Emma Freud  

6th. Emma Kennedy  

7th. Lily Cooper  

8th. Dawn O'Porter  

9th. Claudia Winkleman  

10th. Melanie C  

11th. Rufus Hound  

12th. Davina McCall  

13th. Clare Balding  

14th. Alison Moyet  

15th. Sue Perkins  

16th. Kirstie Allsopp  

17th. Danny Baker  

18th. Richard Bacon  

19th. Tracey Thorn  

20th. Mitch Benn  

21st. Myleene Klass  

22nd. Gabby Logan  

23rd. Peter Serafinowicz  

24th. Christian O'Connell  

25th. Carol Vorderman  

26th. Richard Herring  

27th. Fearne Cotton  

28th. Krishnan Guru-Murthy  

29th. Edith Bowman


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