Songs of Praise Hymnathon

Songs of Praise

When to watch

Sunday 3rd March 4.30pm

Pay in your Hymnathon money

Pay in your Hymnathon money

The Songs of Praise Hymnathon saw churches, schools and choirs across the nation raise money for Red Nose Day by doing what we know they love – hymn singing! If you organised a Hymnathon, now’s the time to pay in the cash you raised. It’s easy, and the sooner you do, the sooner we can put it to work changing lives in the UK and Africa. Thank you.

Songs of Praise ideas & tips

Sing hymns as quickly as you can.

Set a time limit of 10 minutes and see how many you can sing.

Sing hymns backwards.

For inspiration, get the Songs of Praise list of popular hymns.

Celebrate with an event afterwards.

Hold a quiz in the Church Hall using our readymade quiz.

Get male and female singers to swap parts.

Pass around our special money box to collect cash while they sing.

Coincide your Hymnathon with choir practice.

Keep it as simple as you like, just make sure you have fun.


£150 could pay for three isolated elderly people to attend a tea dance once a month for a whole year. It’s a welcome chance for them to get out and socialise with people, helping them feel less alone.

Have a harmonious Hymnathon

Have a harmonious Hymnathon

Make organising your Hymnathon, and raising lots of life-changing cash, as easy as possible with our handy fundraising tools.

Pay in the easy way

Pay in the easy way

The best way for your fundraising to go towards the Hymnathon total is to pay in online. And don’t forget to email and tell us what you got up to.