David Walliams, Tom Daley and Emma Bunton go undercover for Red Nose Day

David Walliams posing as a British Airways staff member

Posing as British Airways staff, David Walliams, Tom Daley and Emma Bunton have been wreaking havoc on unsuspecting passengers at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, all in support of Comic Relief.

No stranger to playing airline characters, TV personality David Walliams assumed the role of customer service representative ‘Dave’, asking unsuspecting customers to pose seriously for security photos and at one point even kissing a passenger’s passport photo!

Olympic medallist Tom Daley swapped his swimming trunks for luggage trunks, as he greeted customers, checking whether they had remembered their mankinis and persuading some of them to perform dive moves before flying.

Meanwhile, Heart FM presenter Emma Bunton spiced up the check-in-kiosks, cheekily asking customers if they had packed any ‘sporty or ginger’ products.

British Airways have raised over £15 million for Comic Relief over the past seven years, helping to change lives both here in the UK and across the world.

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