Helping vulnerable youth: Sara Cox visits the slums in Nairobi

Godfrey is 10 years old and lost his mother last September. His older brother, Maxwell, has to go out every day to find work, leaving Godfrey alone. Lorner, a community health volunteer funded by a Comic Relief-supported project, visits Godfrey every week to support him.

£10 could pay for a day’s specialist training for a community health volunteer so they can give life-saving support and advice to mothers and children in a Kenyan slum.

About the Project

Comic Relief supports an organisation called AMREF to train and support health teams to provide outreach and care to vulnerable people and families affected by HIV in Nairobi.

Since filming, Godfrey has been enrolled in a psycho-social support group through the project. Donate now to help support projects that train community health volunteers like Lorner.

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