How do I donate via text?

The Red Nose Day presenters

All your questions about how to donate via text, answered.

What is it?

Text donations allow you to use SMS on your phone to make a donation to Comic Relief. The donation will come off your pre-paid credit at the time or be added to your bill at the end of that month.

How do I do it?

It's really easy - open your SMS message service and decide how much you want to donate:

To donate £5 text DONATE to 70205
To donate £10 text YES to 70210
To donate £20 text YES to 70220

We’ll send you a message back to say thank you and give you a link so you can Gift Aid your donation.

Is that it?!

Yep - it's really that simple. You’ll be charged your standard network fee to send a Premium SMS (between 0-12p) and Comic Relief receives 100% of your donation. You must be aged over 16 and if you’re not paying the bill you must get their permission. If you want to know more about how it works you can read our full terms and conditions.

But why do you have different words on different shows?

SMS donations work by a pairing a word to a number – so in the example above of 'YES to 70210', it’s that combination that work together to allow a donation to happen. We work really hard with our friends at the BBC to come up with words that make sense to the work they’ve been talking about – so for Sara's danceathon we had SARA to 70205 for a £5 donation.  That’s really important for our amazing celebrity supporters – when you’ve been dancing for 24 hours it’s really encouraging to find out how much the public have donated to you!

Right - so I just whip my phone out, open my messaging app and send you a text to donate?

You've got it.