Meet Alice: A Red Nose Day Super Fundraiser

Alice and her colleagues dressed up for Red Nose Day

The Red Nose Day Super Fundraisers are a team of amazing past fundraisers who are inspiring others to follow in their footsteps, and helping to make Red Nose Day the biggest and best yet.

Every Red Nose Day (since 1989!), Alice and her work colleagues take part in an annual Red Hat Day, swapping their usual white hats for bright red ones. Not only this, there are raffles and bake sales, and the extra antics every new year brings. From car washes to car boot sales, custard baths to Hollywood themed balls, and sponsored waxes to girly cinema nights, Alice and her colleagues really have done it all.

Alice tells us, “We have never missed the opportunity to raise money for Comic Relief. We love the work you do, enjoy the fun on the night. We laugh and cry with the television but we go to bed our hearts fulfilled with the knowledge we helped make a difference.”

Alice’s fundraising tip: "Take every opportunity to raise money, like using different coloured raffle tickets, people always want some in every colour!"

Looking to have fun and raise lots of money this Red Nose Day?

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