Meet Dan: A Red Nose Day Super Fundraiser

Dan a super fundraiser

The Red Nose Day Super Fundraisers are a team of amazing past fundraisers who are inspiring others to follow in their footsteps, and helping to make Red Nose Day the biggest and best yet.

We have three words for you: Bread. Nose. Day.

Dan loves to bake bread and he used this to help him raise the dough for Red Nose Day 2015.

Joined by two of his mates, Dan baked all night and set up a stall in the morning to give his bread away. In return, all he asked was for people to give a donation to Red Nose Day. Thus, Bread Nose Day was born!

“To me the most important part of supporting Red Nose Day is doing something rather than just donating,” Dan said, “and to make it something that you enjoy.” So what did Dan’s love of bread and fundraising bring in? £1000! Raised by just three people (and lots of flour)!

Dan’s Fundraising Tip: “Try asking for donations rather than pricing your goods. People might give more than you expect, or would have asked for!”

Looking to have fun and raise lots of money this Red Nose Day? 


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