Meet Suzanne: A Red Nose Day Super Fundraiser

Suzanne a Red Nose Day Super Fundraiser

The Red Nose Day Super Fundraisers are a team of amazing past fundraisers who are inspiring others to follow in their footsteps, and helping to make Red Nose Day the biggest and best yet.

Suzanne has been a supporter of Comic Relief for a number of years organising various fundraising activities and events, including bake sales, sponsored runs and even the creation of a Red Nose Day film! Her motivation? “As corny as it sounds, I want to leave the world a better place.”

Suzanne’s biggest fundraising achievement was a 200KM row she organised alongside her friends at Nottingham Rowing Club. 16 rowers successfully rowed 200KM down the River Thames raising over £6000! Besides raising money, Suzanne says the adventure enabled the group to “do something big and meaningful together, bond and have fun. We raised money, and created something that we will never forget.”

Suzanne’s Fundraising Tip: “Really explain to people around you why you are raising money. If you are able to demonstrate the importance of their donation and the impact it will make, you are likely to be more successful.”

Looking to have fun and raise lots of money this Red Nose Day?


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