Meet Vikki & Catherine: Red Nose Day Super Fundraisers

Red Nose Day Super Fundraisers Vikki and Catherine

The Red Nose Day Super Fundraisers are a team of amazing past fundraisers who are inspiring others to follow in their footsteps, and helping to make Red Nose Day the biggest and best yet.

In 2015, Vikki & Catherine stayed handcuffed together ALL DAY! It wasn’t without its difficulties – “we did manage to wrap ourselves round a lamp post!” says Vikki – but the support and donations they received from other local people helped them through the day. “Laughter was definitely key to making it through such a damp, cold day. Fortunately we get on brilliantly, so we were able to feed off of each other throughout the day.”

Vikki & Catherine support Red Nose Day as, the say, “It’s a great day and we always have lots of fun with colleagues and friends and family alike. All whilst raising money for a great cause that supports many different projects across the UK and in Africa.”

This year – as well as holding a fundraising lunch – the pair will be chained together again and are encouraging local businesses to involved and join them too!

Vikki & Catherine’s Fundraising Tip: "Use social media as much as possible. Post photos throughout the day of all the different fundraising activities you are doing to encourage last minute donations."

Looking to have fun and raise lots of money this Red Nose Day?

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