Red Nose Day in primary schools

It's the last chance to get everything you need for your Red Nose Day fundraising event.

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Fundraising ideas

Last minute fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

Red Nose Day bake sale resources

Bake sale

Get six yummy recipes, bunting and cake labels. Then sell your delicious bakes at break or lunchtime.

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Red Nose Day Primary Quiz and Games pack

Quiz and games pack

Charge pupils to play our Nose crossword and Stephen Hawking's Nose-it-all quiz.

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Red Nose Day Dress up as a nose resources

Dress up as a Nose

Pupils can get sponsored to come in as their favourite Nose.

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Red Nose Day Staffroom sweepstake poster

Staffroom sweepstake poster

Guess Grimmy's fav tune and you or a colleague could win a few bob.

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Last minute fundraising and learning resources

Red Nose Day 2017 bucket label

Bucket label


Red Nose Day 2017 sticker template

Sticker template


Red Nose Day primary assembly powerpoint



Primary Red Nose Day Poster Bundle

Poster bundle


Last minute essentials

Red Nose Day 2017 bunting



 Red Nose Day Snuffles Money Box

Snuffles' money box


Hassan's learning poster

Learning resources

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Red Nose Day Schools sponsorship form

Sponsorship form


Teachers waiting to be gunged

Sponge 'em, plunge 'em or gunge 'em!

Let your pupils get some revenge for a small fee with a soak-a-teacher event at break or lunchtime.

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More primary resources

Thank you certificate

Thank you certificate

Get your thank you certificate

Use any of our three paying in methods and we'll send you a well-deserved thank you certificate.

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Check out our school song "Put a Nose on it!"

  • Children dancing to Red Nose Day song Put a Nose on it

    Get the school doing a sponsored performance of Put a Nose on it!

    media block

    Teach your pupils the Red Nose Day Schools' Song, Put a Nose on It. Download all our essential song resources then pop to Out of the Ark's site to get the video with lyrics