Lenny henry with tape across his mouth and a Red Nose Day Nose

What the hell is it?

It’s damn good fun, that’s what it is. The Swear Jar app identifies and tallies up your swears, donating 20p to Comic Relief every time you use a filthy word - turning your bad habits into good deeds!

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The Comic Relief  swear jar app

How does the bloody thing work?

To begin, simply choose how much you’d like to donate. The app will then identify every time you swear for the next 10 minutes (or less if you want), using voice recognition technology from Google. For every swear a donation of 20p will be made from your pot. Once you’re time is up, see how you fare against other swearers using the app by checking out the ‘Wall of Shame’.

Young boys who have been helped by Red Nose Day

Make your profanity matter

The Swear Jar is more than just an app for potty-mouths like yourself, it helps to change lives.

The cash raised from your swears will help to fund Comic Relief projects that make a massive difference to countless people living really tough lives in the UK and some of the world's poorest communities.

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